Monkey Go Happy 1

Monkey Go Happy 1 is an entertaining arcade style puzzle game. The game starts out with a sad little monkey, seeking happiness. Can you make Monkey Go Happy?


Your goal is to complete each of the levels to make the sad little monkey happy again. Can you do it?

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There are 15 levels in Monkey Go Happy. Each level is increasingly harder than the last. Here’s a few examples of what to expect from the first few levels:

Level 1

In this level, your goal is to make the sad monkey happy by making a coconut drop from the tree and using the knife to cut it open. To do this, first click on the coconut to make it fall. Then, click on the knife to pick it up, then click on the coconut again to cut it. Watch the (now) happy little monkey do his happy dance!

Level 2

In level 2, your objective is to set off the large fireworks for the monkey. To do this, click on the matchbox to open it. Then, click on a match to pick it up. Once you’ve picked up a match, click on the matchbox again to make the match strike the side of it. Then, move the lit match over to the fuse on the fireworks to light the fuse. Watch the pretty explosion light up the sky, making the monkey do his happy dance.

Level 3

The monkey has gone to a carnival and needs to shoot down ducks to win a prize. Help the monkey shoot down the ducks. Click on the rifle to pick it up, then line up the crosshairs with the moving ducks to shoot them down.

Level 4

Level 4 is a little trickier. First, you need to help the monkey build the obstacle course. Match up all of the pieces with their matching grey areas. To pick up each piece, simply click on them. To drop each piece in the correct shaded area, click again. Once the course is completely built, click on the handle at the top right of the screen to make the ball move through the course. When the ball finally comes to the end, and bounces on the top of the box, watch the monkey jump for joy!

Level 5

Monkey wants to watch T.V., however he’s having a hard time working the remote control. Pick up the remote by clicking on it, then press the power button. Once the T.V is turned on, press the channel buttons to change the channel to channel 3. Watch your monkey dance gleefully when you’ve turned on his favorite show!

Level 6

Monkey went to an arcade shop and wants to play the Claw game. He really wants the cute little stuffed monkey in the Claw machine. Help Monkey win the stuffy by clicking on the money bag to receive a coin. Place the coin inside the coin slot, then click on the arrow buttons to move the claw to the monkey to pick it up. Watch the monkey dance happily when he finally receives the stuffy.

Age Appropriateness

Parents, this game contains no adult language or images. Happy Go Monkey is suitable for children ages 6 and up. Children younger than 6 may find this game difficult due to the fine motor skills and problem solving skills need to complete each level.


There are a few player controls and settings available in the first of many series of Monkey Go Happy:

  • Toggle Graphics Quality – High/Medium/Low
  • Reset Level
  • Hint
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