Monkey Go Happy 3

Monkey Go Happy 3 is an entertaining arcade style game of mind boggling puzzles. The object is to make the trio of monkeys happy at the end of each level by completing each puzzle. Do you think you have what it takes to make these sad monkeys happy again?


The controls of Monkey Go Happy 3 are very simple. Use your mouse to point to objects within the environment and click to perform actions with those objects.

There are 15 levels in Monkey Go Happy, but the biggest surprise comes at the end: the Final Stage! Let’s look at what type of challenges the first few levels offer, then take a sneak peak at the Final Stage.

Level 1

Level 1 is pretty easy. Your task is to help the monkeys reach the banana’s high up in the tree. Click the weeds to find a stick. Use the stick to knock down the bananas and make the monkeys happy.

Level 2

In level 2, you need to open up all of the babushka dolls. Once you reach the center, watch the monkeys dance with joy at the little monkey hidden inside!

Level 3

Level 3 gets a little more difficult. Your job is to help the monkeys collect firewood. First, you need to find a log laying on the ground. Click the log to pick it up and place it on the tree stump. Then, pick up the axe and click the log again to chop it. Place each piece into the basket. Do the same for the 2 remaining logs.

(Tip: One log is hidden in the bushes! Can you find it?!)


Level 4

The monkeys are trapped and need to find an exit! Turn over the rocks to try to find something sharp. When you find the ice pick, use it to pry off some of the rocks on the wall. Once you’ve pried off the correct rocks, you discover a set of hedge clippers! Perfect! Use the hedge clippers to cut back the bushes and see what you can find.

You found the exit door, but it is locked. Now what?!

Use the hedge clippers again to cut back the rest of the bushes. Now you find more mysterious looking rocks. Try using the ice pick again to loosen the mysterious rocks. Once you have, you find a key! Great! Use the key to open the door, allowing the monkeys to happily run to safety.

Final Round

You didn’t really think we were going to tell you how to beat the whole game, did you? No, we will leave the rest up to surprise you! However, we will tell you a little about the Final Round!

The Final Round allows you to essentially turn back the hands of time – or score! In the Final Round, you need to find and click on as many bells as you can. Clicks in this round do not work against you, instead, they work in your favor! Click on as many bells as you can within the limited time available. Each bell found will remove one click from your final click score! Go click on those bells!!!


Age Appropriateness

This game is appropriate for children ages 6 and up. Children younger than 6 may find this game too difficult to complete successfully, due to the challenging fine motor skills and problem solving skills needed. Parents, use your best judgment to determine if your child can successfully play this game.


The player is able to adjust the graphics quality of the game, toggling between high, medium, and low quality settings. The player can also toggle the music on or off, use hints throughout each level, go back to the main screen, and even reset the game!

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