Monkey Go Happy 5

The fifth of the entertaining series of Monkey Go Happy offers great new features, more challenging puzzles, and loads more fun! If you’ve played any of the previous versions, you know this is a point-and-click mind boggling arcade style puzzle game where you must make the monkeys happy by completing each level.


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Levels walkthrough

There are 15 levels of puzzles you need to complete to make your monkey stay happy. Let’s take a closer look at the first few levels, then get a sneak peek at the Final Round!

Level 1 – In level 1, you need to feed the chicken on the other side of the pond without letting it get eaten by the hungry alligator. Help your monkey feed the chicken by breaking off a branch from the tree, standing it up in the food, then clicking on the food to make the chicken eat it. Watch what happens when the alligator tries to eat the chicken!

Level 2 – Your monkey is trapped in a cave! What’s that? Is that a box of dynamite? Find a tool to help you pry open the box of dynamite. Then, pick up a stick of dynamite and lite the fuse using the torch. Place the stick on the wall and wait for it to blow up!

Level 3 – Your monkey wants to listen to some music! Help the monkey find a record to play. Flick the light switch to turn on the closet light. Slide the box out of the closet. You discover the box is locked with a code. Knock over the bowl of balls so that it falls on the floor. Count the number of each colored balls, and match the number to the color coded number code on the crate. Open the crate, remove the record, and place it on the record player. Turn the record player handle to being playing music.

Level 4 – Your monkey is a little trickster! Knock the painting off the easel. Once the painter stands up to pick up the painting, throw his bag away. When the painter runs to get his bag, use the paint palate to create a silly painting.

Level 5 – Your monkey is sad because he wants to help the man that lost his keys. You notice your standing next to a magnet shop! Open the door, move the boxes, and pick up the magnet you found. Then, open the man’s trunk to find a long rope. Attach the rope to the magnet, then lower the magnet into the gutter to retrieve the keys. Hand the keys to the man to allow him to happily drive way. The monkey now feels good, and is doing his famous happy dance!





New to the game, you can now choose which monkey you want to make happy! You can choose from:

  • Mommy Monkey
  • Daddy Monkey
  • Baby Monkey
  • Toddler Monkey
  • Grandpa Monkey


Another new feature, there are now achievements to strive for! While you don’t get any special reward for reaching each achievement, this feature does add more character to the game-playing experience! There is a total of 5 achievements to strive for:

  1. Monkey Brain – Complete the first 5 levels
  2. Ape the Great – Complete all levels
  3. Amazing Ape – Complete the game with a score of 70,000 or more
  4. The Golden Chimp – Complete the game with a score of 50,000 or more
  5. Chimp Champion – Find all 200 bananas in the final round


There are a few options available for players to adjust to allow for a better gaming experience:

  • Toggle Sound Effects On/Off
  • Toggle Graphics Quality On/Off
  • Use hints button if you get stuck!
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