Monkey Go Happy 9

In this mind-blowing adventure of puzzling fun, you are faced with more difficult puzzles and sad little monkeys. Monkey Go Happy 9 is packed with new features and additional sad little monkeys you need to cheer up. Can you do it?

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Your goal is make the monkey happy again by completing each level in this challenging puzzle game.


In Monkey Go Happy 9, you can choose which monkey you want to make happy. Options include:

  • Mommy Monkey
  • Daddy Monkey
  • Baby Monkey
  • Toddler Monkey
  • Grandpa Monkey
  • Grandma Monkey

You can also dress up your monkey however you want; whether you want him to look like a pirate or you want her to look like a princess, your imagination knows no bounds!

Some of the outfit and accessories include:

  • 15 types of Hats
  • 15 types of Shoes
  • 15 types of Shirts
  • 15 types of Pants




Monkey Go Happy 9 includes 30 brand new challenging levels for you to complete. That’s 10 more levels than ever before! In some levels you are racing against the clock to complete a puzzle before time runs out. In others, you must use your arrow keys to move a ball through a maze to reach the finish line. The levels get progressively more difficult the more you play! Every 5 levels is a Bonus Level, allowing you to score even higher points!

More New Features!

Additional new features found in this version that were not available in the previous versions include:

  • Multi-player
  • Challenge Friends
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter

You can now link your Facebook and Twitter accounts with the game. This allows you to share your scores from each level on your Facebook or Twitter page, as well as challenge your friends to beat your high score!

Additionally, the new “multi-player” feature has launched, allowing 2-4 players to play the game on the same computer! While children (and adults) will still have to take turns playing the game, this allows players to play with friends or loved ones in a friendly competition to see how can reach the highest score!


  • Toggle Music – On/Off
  • Toggle Sound – On/Off
  • Toggle Graphics Quality – High/Medium/Low
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