Monkey Go Happy Games

Monkey Go Happy Games is a series of increasingly challenging, arcade style puzzle games. The objective of each version of the game is simple – make the monkey happy by completing each level of each game successfully.


The player controls for versions 1-8 are the same – use your mouse and left mouse button to perform the desired tasks needed to complete each level. In version 9, however, the controls change slightly. Not only do you need to use your mouse, but you can also use your arrow buttons for certain levels in the game!


In most of the versions, there are three options available for players to adjust the settings to allow for an optimal gaming experience:

  • Toggle Graphics Quality – High/Medium/Low (available in all versions)
  • Toggle Music – On/Off (introduced in version 3+)
  • Toggle Sound Effects – On/Off (introduced in version 7+)

*Note: If you have a weak internet connection, or poor computer graphics card, it is best to use the low or medium Graphics Quality setting to reduce lag.

Bonus Round

All of the versions of this game come featured with either a Bonus Round or Final Round which helps you to improve your final score!


If you get stuck in a level in any of the Monkey Go Happy game versions, there are video walkthroughs available on YouTube to help you along. Additionally, some versions also have walkthrough articles available to help you complete each level, step-by-step.

Age Appropriate

The Monkey Go Happy series of games do not contain any foul language or adult content, making it suitable for most ages. However, due to the challenging tasks required – such as fine motor skills and problem solving skills needed to complete each level – we do not recommend this game for children under the age of 6.

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